Online Your Seminar

Contact us to add an online component to your local seminar

Online Seminars partners with institutions and individuals who organize seminars. If you organize local seminars and aim at reaching out to a broader public, please contact us below.

How to online your seminar

If you are an institution that organize local seminars and would like to reach out to a global audience, Online Seminars would like to hear from you. We partner with institutions to online their seminars. Please contact us by by filling out our form.
If you are an individual organizing seminars or you would simply like to online interesting seminars in your city, we would like to hear from you. Please contact us by by filling out our form.
To online your seminar, the first technical requirement is a good internet connection. Please make sure your internet connection has a minimum of 600kbps upload speed and 1.2Mbps download speed. You can check the speed of your internet connection via For streaming and recording requirements, please contact us.