Building a Path of Engagement and Professional Inclusion through Sports

This week’s Critical Bodies in Conversation hosts Alexis Lefèvre & Simoné Etna on professional engagement and inclusion through sports. The language of the conversation will be in French. Scroll down for more information.

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Construire un parcours d’engagement et d’inclusion professionnelle autour du sport

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Simoné Etna: Passionné de sport, lors de ses études en Italie, Simoné tisse une forte amitié avec une personne exilée dont le parcours et l’histoire le marque profondément. 10 ans, un pays, plusieurs postes et missions plus tard, il décide de donner du sens à son métier et s’engager au quotidien pour construire une société plus solidaire et inclusive. C’est ainsi qu’en 2018 Simoné commence son aventure avec l’association Kabubu – l’amitié par le sport, une association basée en France à Paris dont la mission est de favoriser l’inclusion sociale et professionnelle des personnes exilées à travers le sport.

Alexis Lefèvre est en charge de la coopération universitaire et avec la société civile pour l’Ambassade de France en Turquie. Diplômé du Master de Relations Internationales de Sciences Po et passionné de voyage, il a travaillé au sein d’organisations multilatérales et en ONG avant de rejoindre la Turquie. Il s’intéresse aux différentes questions de Développement et humanitaires, notamment concernant la lutte contre les inégalités et les défis environnementaux.

Critical Bodies in Conversation
An online critical sports-and-movement conversation series by BoMoVu in collaboration with Online Seminars.

You are invited to the Critical Bodies in Conversation online series that brings together activists and sports-and-movement practitioners sharing their experiences.

In these conversations, we will be talking about discriminatory and oppressive attitudes in sports-and-movement based on bodily differences and social positions; supportive networks to deal with such attitudes; and ways of physical and social empowerment by movement practices.

Online Participation: We will be meeting on Zoom and live-stream our conversations on our Facebook accounts. You can participate by writing at the comments section on Facebook or using the chatboard feature on Zoom. You can also use your microphone and video on Zoom at the Q&A section. If you miss the live event, you can watch the recording as well. Please note that these meetings are public and recorded, so please do not share anything (audio, text, visual etc.) that you would not like to make public or get recorded.

Language: The live conversations will be held in participants’ native language or in English. We will add English subtitles to recordings when they are available.

BoMoVu – The Network of Sport and Body Movement for Vulnerable Groups ( is an association that develops programs to transform sport and body movement into social benefit and combats all kind of discriminations in sports. Thanks to our network of volunteer sport and physical activity practitioners, we bring together various groups such as children, refugees or women, and contribute to their social empowerment in line with their needs.

Online Seminars ( emerged out of the social goal of making local and critical seminars accessible to a broader public. It aims at contributing to the participatory and ecological production and distribution of knowledge across national boundaries. It is committed to making alternative educational offerings available in the Global South; reduce the ecological damages of the seminar and conference travel industry; and provide a participatory space for intercultural, multi-lingual, and translocal encounter among seminar organizers and participants.

These conversations are part of the Critical Body Project, supported by the French Embassy in Turkey and Women Win.

Start Time

3:00 pm

June 6, 2020

Finish Time

5:00 pm

June 6, 2020


Online Seminars- Istanbul Time (UTC+3)

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