One Race, The Human Race: From F1 To Football

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2020-10-22 16:00 - 17:00

This week (Anti)Racism in Sports series hosts Mr. Ken Mc Cue and Ezgi Çakmak. This week's topics will include how a volunteer-driven Social Enterprise using the medium of sport could have such a powerful impact on the social inclusion of migrants from diverse ethnic backgrounds in a society suffering from xenophobia; how important it is to have intercultural competence and human rights components in teacher training; why it is essential to have anti-discrimination modules in primary school education curricula; and how the UNESCO policy on Race can be communicated in societies that use multiple race descriptors.

Watch the live-streamings or past recordings here on Oseminars' Youtube Channel

Ken Mc Cue is a cultural planner with Sport Against Racism Ireland and Visiting Lecturer on FIFA Master, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK. My research area is the Social Responsibility of Sport and how the Medium of Sport can be used for cultural integration and Social Inclusion in a Human Rights Framework.

Ezgi Cakmak is a Ph.D candidate at the University of Pennsylvania, in the departments of Africana Studies and History. She received her BA from Bogazici University, Sociology Department. Before the doctoral studies, she worked with NGOs in the field of international migration and conducted fieldwork with African migrants in Istanbul. Her research interests include the African slavery in the late Ottoman empire, identity formation and racialization processes in early Turkish Republic as well as diaspora studies.

This is a Farenet #blacklivesmatter in football activity organized by BoMoVu, Oseminars, and Alan Savuması.