Deleuze’s Communizing Currents: Introducing Deleuze and Communization Theory

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2020-02-01 10:00 - 14:00

Deleuze’s Communizing Currents: Introducing Deleuze and Communization Theory

Instructor: John Paetsch

The Invisible Committee, Tiqqun, Endnotes, Théorie Communiste, Troploin—these name a ghostly process at work today: communization. For all, this process would displace definitively the capitalist mode of production (along with its conception of “value”) with a communist mode of production and a novel conception of “value” (one more in accord with “material wealth”). Beyond that there is little agreement: whether the process is latent or active; whither it tends; which kinds of struggle or forms of life participate in it; whether it is a means to communism or already communism itself—these are the points of divergence. We will focus less on mapping these divergences, more on grasping them as conjugations of several “problematics” traced out by a philosopher who valorized always divergence over convergence, multiplicity over unity, complexity over simplicity: Gilles Deleuze. I say again: we will not be reducing the problems of communization theory to those of Deleuze! Grasping the former as conjugations of the latter preserves the irreducible differences between them even as it facilitates the mutual information of one by the other. Tracing the currents of communization theory from Deleuze and Guattari’s political philosophy is one way into the labyrinth of contemporary political life, if what we have presently can be called even “life” …. That Deleuze takes the struggle to the terrain of time vivifies anew the communizing responses to the contours of contemporary capitalist society. We’ll focus on Deleuze’s texts, but with an eye towards bringing into focus our present “historical conjuncture.” No prerequisites necessary—though some experience with exploitation, alienation, and capitalist “discipline” would be helpful (?) ….

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Time: Saturday, February 1, 10am-2pm (EST- Eastern Time Zone). This seminar is postponed to Spring by the local organizers. We will announce the new date here. 
Cost: $90, sliding-scale down to $10.
Readings:  From A Thousand Plateaus, 12-14. (We’ll focus in particular on plateaus 12 and 13.) Optional reading: Endnotes, “Bring out your dead;” and Nicole Pepperell, “Capitalism: Some Disassembly Required.”

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