Welcome to our Oseminars

01. Who We Are

Online Seminars emerged out of the social goal of making local seminars accessible to a broader public. It aims at contributing to the participatory and ecological production and distribution of knowledge across national boundaries. It is founded as a worker initiative and aims at serving collaboratively.

02. Eco-Mission

Carbon emissions from fossil fuel use in transportation is one of the leading causes of global warming. Online Seminars aims at offering a viable alternative to traveling for seminars and conferences which can help reduce such emissions. Even though internet usage has its own toll on the environment and should be reduced to reasonable amounts, it enables access to remote resources without the environmental impacts of travel.

03. What We Do

Using emerging digital technologies, Online Seminars streams and records local seminars. While helping seminar organizers and instructors reach out to a broader public, it makes these educational events accessible across the globe. In line with the dialogical spirit of the local seminars, Online Seminars allows participants to interact with the seminar coordinator, speakers, and fellow participants. Hence, it offers an alternative to the unidirectional knowledge distribution that limits most online courses and provide a participatory space for intercultural, multi-lingual, and translocal encounter among organizers and participants.