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Oseminars is a virtual roundtable and an ecological center for participatory educational events. We are committed to making alternative educational offerings available in the Global South; reduce the ecological damages of the travel industry; facilitate online seminars during the COVID-19 pandemic; and provide a participatory space for intercultural, multi-lingual, and translocal encounter among speakers and participants.

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Günümüz Dünyasında Erkeklikleri Düşümek

Bomovu Eleştirel Erkeklik Grubu olarak açık oturumlu etkinliğimiz olan “Günümüz Dünyasında Erkeklikleri Düşünmek” söyleşisinde alanın çok önemli araştırmacılarından Mehmet BOZOK bizlerle olacak.. Bizler, hem araştırma alanında hem gündelik hayatta sürekli var olan, sürekli yeni hallerle karşımıza çıkan, deneyimlediğimiz, performans olarak sergilediğimiz, tanıklık ettiğimiz (bazen de suç ortaklığı ettiğimiz) ya da gözlemlediğimiz erkekliklerimizi konuşmak, paylaşmak, tartışmak istiyoruz. Her kim bu konuda bir şeyler dinlemek ve söylemek isterse, baş göz üstüne davetlimizdir.

10 Haziran 2021 Perşembe Saat: 21:00

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BoMoVu Eleştirel Erkeklik Buluşmaları

 İki Haftada Bir Perşembe Akşamları 20:00 Online Seminars- Istanbul Time (UTC+3)

Bizlerin de dahil olduğu erkekliğin toplumsal inşası nedir, bu kurulum içinde biz nerede durmaktayız, erkekliğimizin hangi noktalarından yarar ya da ayrıcalık sağlamaktayız, hangi noktalarından zarar görmekte ya da zarar vermekteyiz? Tarihsel geçmişi çok güçlü bir ataerkilliğe dayanan bu toplumsal erkeklik inşası içerisinde var olan bizler, hegemonik ve hiyerarşik olmayan eşitlikçi bir toplumsal çizgiye doğru nasıl yaklaşabiliriz, nasıl değişebiliriz veyahut yaklaşabilir miyiz değişebilir miyiz gibi kendimize dair dertlerimiz, sorularımız, sorgularımız var.

Latest Seminar Series

(Anti)Racism in Sports Online Series

 4:00 Pm   Online Seminars- Istanbul Time (UTC+3)

Most people believe sports to be an apolitical field free from deep societal problems such as racism. They praise sports hierarchies, access and success criteria for being meritocratic and color blind. However, people of color, who are discriminated against based on their race and ethnicity, know that such a position …

Upcoming and Past Seminars

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  • Sport and Politics of Race and Identity- Global South Perspective
    16:00 -17:00

    The seventh of the (Anti)Racism in Sports online series continues by bringing together two experts in sports and sports policy from Qatar. They will shed light on the problem of racism and struggles against it in sports from a global south perspective. You can watch the live streaming on Oseminars Youtube channel or register to join in the Zoom meeting below.

    Mahfoud Amara

    Mahfoud Amara joined Qatar University in the fall of 2015. He is currently, Associate Professor in Sport Policy and Management, the Director of Sport Science Program at the College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University. Before joining Qatar University, he was Assistant Professor in Sport Policy and Management and Deputy Director of the Centre for Olympic Studies and Research in the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, Loughborough University. Amara published a number of papers and chapters on sport business, culture, and politics in Arab and Muslim contexts. He undertook research for a range national of international bodies. Invited speaker to a number of national and international conferences, workshops and symposia for his work on sport in the Middle East and North African region and sport and multiculturalism debates in Europe.  He is co-editor with Alberto Testa of a book on “Sport in Islam and in Muslim Communities” (Routledge, 2015) and John Nauright “Sport in the African World” (Routledge, 2018). More recently he edited The Olympic Movement and the Middle East and North Africa Region (Routledge, 2019)

    Gerard Akindes 

    Dr. Gerard Akindes combines a wealth of experience in sports as athlete and coach, a former manager of a sportswear company, a scholar and a researcher. As athlete, he captained the Benin basketball national team and played professional basket-ball. He coached the Belgian youth, women and men in Belgium.

    Dr. Akindes earned a Masters in Sports Administration and PH.D. in Sports Media Studies at Ohio University where he taught Sport Management in the College of Business. His research focuses on international sport management, the economy of sports, television broadcasting, and athlete migration.

    He has co-edited a book titled “Identity and Nation in African Football: Fans, Communities and Clubs” published several journal articles and made numerous presentations at learned conferences. He has also co-created an annual conference on sports in Africa (the 14th was held in Senegal in July 2019). At the Josoor Institute, a legacy program of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, he was senior research manager.

    Dr. Akindes currently adjunct faculty at the University of Salford, Manchester. He is an independent researcher and sport management consultant for sport governing bodies, and mentors the National Paralympic Committee of the Central African Republic for the as one of the International Paralympic committee (IPC).

     This is a Farenet #blacklivesmatter in football activity organized by BoMoVu, Oseminars, and Alan Savuması.

    Watch the live-streamings or past recordings here on Oseminars’ Youtube Channel

    To register for the (Anti)Racism in Sports series, please fill out this form.

  • The Black Female Experience in the Sports Environment
    16:00 -17:00

    (Anti)Racism in Sports online series is proud to host the professional athlete Annie Tagoe and Leadership Coach, Consultant, and International Speaker Michelle Moore. They will expand upon the gender perspective of racism and anti-racism experienced in sports.

    Annie Tagoe

    Annie Tagoe is a professional athlete and model based in London, England. Tagoe competes in Track & Field for the United Kingdom. She was born in Ghana and moved to the UK at the age of 7.

    Michelle Moore

    Michelle Moore is an award-winning leadership coach, consultant, international speaker and former athlete. Voted as one of the UK’s ’50 Most Influential Women in Sport’. She is a globally recognised executive on inclusive and conscious leadership, strategic partnerships, sport for development and innovation working across government, business and charitable sectors. Michelle works with CEO’s, individuals and senior leadership teams to create solutions steeped in strategic insight and cultural context to find new ways to challenge inequalities. Heading up a consultancy practice with an impressive list of clients from The London Mayor’s Office to The Commonwealth Games Federation. Michelle is the winner of the 2016 UK Precious Award for ‘Outstanding Woman in Sport’, a Football Black List award and an esteemed national Change Maker award. Michelle is a trustee for SportsAid, advisor to the Women’s Sport Trust and a senior honorary lecturer for the University of Worcester. Michelle is a sought after speaker, advisor and coach hired by corporate, government, international sport federations and business to deliver inspiring and dynamic keynotes and programmes on leadership, equity resilience and success.

    Moderator: İlknur Hacısoftaoğlu

    Dr. İlknur Hacısoftaoğlu works at Department of Sport Management, at Istanbul Bilgi University. She completed her undergraduate degree at department of Sociology, Middle East Technical University. She got her Master and PhD degree at Sports Sciences and Technology, Sports Sociology Program in Hacettepe University. She is one of the editors of the book: Beyond the game: Sociology of Sports Studies. Hacısoftaoğlu, who has publications in the field of gender and sports, continues her work in the fields of women, masculinity and spectatorship in sports.

    This is a Farenet #blacklivesmatter in football activity organized by BoMoVu, Oseminars, and Alan Savuması.

    Watch the live-streamings or past recordings here on Oseminars’ Youtube Channel

  • Exploitation and Discrimination: The Case of African Football.
    16:00 -17:00

    The ninth conversation of (Anti)Racism in Sports online series continues with the conversation of the Director of the Sports Directorate at University of Ghana Dr. Bella Bello Bitugu and sports journalist Muftawu Nabila Abdulai. They will be talking about the problem of exploitation and discrimination in African football starting from the context of Ghana.

    Dr. Bella Bello Bitugu

    He is the Director of the Sports Directorate, University of Ghana, Legon is an expert in Development through Sports which uses the strength and power of sports to address development, all forms of discrimination including racism and other societal issues.

    Aside his responsibility as the Director of Sports, he also teaches at the University of Ghana and other Universities and Applied Universities in Europe as well as other projects related to development through sports. He worked on FIFA and UEFA sponsored projects and coordinated European activities serving on the Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) board untill 2011.

    He taught at the University of Innsbruck in Austria for 15 years and coordinated several Sports for Development projects accross Europe and Africa for well over 18 years.

    From April 2012 to August 2013, Dr. Bitugu served as the Country Manager of Right To Play, Ghana. He serves on many boards and provides consultancy services to numerous organisations including the United Nations, The AU, The Commonwealth, The European Union, The Government of Ghana, Austria and many other bodies and regional groupings. He is also the Chairman of the International Scientific Network on Sports for Development and Peace.

    He is credited with several publications, interventions and contributions relating to development through sports, North-North and South-South Dialogue.

    His passion, expertise and intervention in the area of sports, physical activity, wellness, fitness and addressing all forms of discrimination and exclusion know no bounds – Indeed a real global actor and expert.

    Nabila Muftawu

    Muftawu Nabila Abdulai, a sports journalist with Multimedia Group (Joy FM and Joy News). He worked with Viasat 1 Broadcasting Network, Kwesé TV (Econet Media) and ESPN.

    This is a Farenet #blacklivesmatter in football activity organized by BoMoVu, Oseminars, and Alan Savuması.

    Watch the live-streamings or past recordings here on Oseminars’ Youtube Channel

  • Bizim Futbolda Irkçılık Olmaz!
    15:00 -16:00

    Sporda Irkçılık ve Karşıtlığı serisinin on birincisi olan “Bizim Futbolda Irkçılık Olmaz!” Perşembe günü saat 15.00’da çevrimiçi olarak gerçekleşecek (Kendi zaman diliminizde kaç olduğunu gömek için tıklayın). Bora İşyar ve Faruk Arhan’ı ağarlayacak olan etkinlik, bütün katılımcılara Zoom ve Youtube canlı yayını üzerinden açık olacak.

    Bora İşyar, York Üniversitesi’nde Sosyoloji Doktorasını tamamladıktan sonra Türkiye, İrlanda Cumhuriyeti, ve İngiltere’de çeşitli üniversitelerde öğretim görevliliği yaptı. Halen İthaki Yayınları’nda ve Blizzard Türkiye’de editörlük yapan İşyar’ın Nations and Nationalism, Journal of Common Market Studies, When Saturday Comes, Late Tackle, ve The Guardian gibi çeşitli dergi ve gazetelerde çıkan yazıları yanısıra Europe after Derrida (Edinburgh UP, 2015) ve Gordon Milne (Mylos Kitap, Kasım 2019) adlı iki de kitabı var. İşyar bu aralar Istanbul, The City of Spies adlı bir kitap üzerine çalışıyor.

    Faruk Arhan, İstanbul Üniversitesi İletişim Fakültesi Gazetecilik Bölümü’nden mezun oldu. Demokrasi, Ülkede Gündem, Radikal, Haber Türk ve Gazeteport kurumlarında muhabirlik ve editörlük yaptı. Geripas, Diyarbakırspor Düğünde Kalabalık Taziyede Yalnız  kitaplarının yazarı. Medya Eleştirisi ya da Hermes’i Sorgulamak’ adlı kitaba imza atanlar arasında yer aldı. Red Dergisi, Bianet, Radikal İki, BBC Türkçe, Courrier International’de yazıları yayınlandı. 2000-2001 döneminde Çağdaş Gazeteciler Derneği Istanbul Şb. Başkanlığı görevinde bulundu. Halen serbest gazeteci.

    Bu seri, BoMoVu, Oseminars ve Alan Savuması tarafından organize edilen bir Farenet #siyahhayatlaronemlidir (#blacklivesmatter ) aktivitesidir.

    Canlı yayınları ve geçmiş kayıtları izlemek için: Oseminars’ Youtube Channel


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